Edward Pond is a designer specialising in 3D with both an abstract and minimalist approach. By using his skills in motion graphics he is able to create surreal digital work that takes reference from reality, through detailed textures, lighting and computer-simulated dynamics. As well as creating within the digital environment, Edward also wants to explore ways of bringing the digital into the physical, to create interactive immersive environments for both his personal work and brands by following  his interests in Advertising and Architecture.
Edward also built himself a custom-build computer housing an Nvidia 3090 graphics card allowing him to get the best use out of industry lead programs such as Cinema 4D and Octane renderer, along with X-Particles and After Effects. This computer also enables him to be able to create work and render from home.
Social Media/Contact Information

Instagram: @edwardjpond
Email: edjpond@gmail.com
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